Paterson Geese Problem? Adopting a Dog Isn't the ONLY Option! Read More!

Having some Paterson geese that are dwelling in your property can be a pain in the neck. The noise that they will create can be irritating. They also leave a considerable amount of droppings. While some people find the joy in feeding the geese, remember that this habit will only attract more geese in your community. Although there are people who prefer the lethal method when dealing with them, there are scare tactics that works effectively against the geese.

Tips To Humanely Scare the Geese Away

In this article, we will discuss some of the most common methods that you can use to drive the pesky New Jersey geese away. Most of them are affordable and effective. In addition, it is safer compared to the deadly method. Let us start enumerating them.

Adopt a Dog

Perhaps the best way to scare them away is through the help of a trained New Jersey dog. The herding dogs would be a powerful ally and will be enough to encourage the goose to leave your property. This process is only recommended for the handlers with trained dogs. If properly handled, the goose will leave your area permanently. If you handle this in an improper manner, the geese will perhaps only fly on the water. In case the dog did not pursue them, the goose will eventually realize that the dog is not a threat. However, your dog should not harm the geese. Your furry companion should also be well-treated and you need to keep them safe at all times.

Scare Devices

Scare tactics may work for only a limited time. There will come a time that the goose will be accustomed to your devices. The devices that emit bright lights and lasers should only be used during dusk especially when the geese are about to settle down. This will annoy them and hopefully, they will choose a different place to settle. Other scare tactics that you can use would be eyespot balloon, flag, decoys, and spray repellents. Using the urine of their predators showed a low level of efficacy. In addition, you may be required to reapply them numerous times since it will dissipate rapidly.

Loud Noises

This is another scare tactics but they will work better compared to visual deterrents. Devices that create frightening noises can easily startle the cautious birds. However, for the geese that have been living in a noisy neighborhood for quite some time, they will probably not mind a couple of noises. You can play a recording of a distressed call of the goose or use pyrotechnics. However, be sure that you will not harm any geese when conducting your chosen method.

Geese can sometimes be a Paterson nuisance particularly when they are congregating in a large number. There are methods on how you can control the population of the geese. You may ask your local wildlife removal company for recommendation. They have a profound knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with various types of nuisance creatures. Before performing any form of hazing, you should also ask the authorized department if the goose belong in the list of protected species.

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